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a change on day 6 and a tribue to Declan

This post is going to be a tough one to write. Thursday was a very hard day for me. A decision was reached after a lot of tears to make a switch to a new dog. Let me be very clear. Declan's work was brilliant and for the person who will get him … [Read more]

Day’s 3 through 5 – let the guiding begin and refining command structure

I haven't written for a while. The main reason is due to the very hectic schedule and me being very tired in the evenings. OK, well, let's review the last three days: Day Three: Let the Guiding Begin Today was the big day. The day that the … [Read more]

Day 2

Day 2 started pretty late in the morning (well, at least relative to the rest of my stay here). We met for breakfast at 7:30 and then proceeded to the discussion room at the end of the hall to wrap up final lecture items before we got our dogs. The … [Read more]

New Guide dog

I will put up audio later today but I wanted to get a picture up. Here it is. … [Read more]

Day 1

The journey started early this morning, or should we take you back even further. On Friday night Keri and I finished up packing and she got to bed around 10:30 or so. I chatted with Darrell and Karen on the phone for a while and then I proceeded … [Read more]

Boring Oregon, does it really exist?

As I was preparing last weekend for my 3 week trip to Guide Dogs for the Blind I thought I would set up Mobile Geo to have the school's address set as a route. This way I could follow the route as we drive to the school Saturday afternoon. I … [Read more]