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Pictures of Harold

Harold laying down in the grass

Harold attacking the grass

Harold attacking the grass (back side of Harold)

Harold chewing on the grass

Closeup side angle of Harolds face

Closeup of Harold's face from the front

Harold playing in the grass

Harold sitting for one of the puppy-raisers

Harold in the grass looking at the camera

Closeup of Harold sitting

Closeup of Harold's face

Harold playing with puppy-raiser

Harold sitting far away

Harold playing in the street

Harold running through the street

Harold sitting in the grass, downward angle

Harold sitting in the grass

Closeup of Harold looking up

Closeup of Harold's face

Closeup of Harold looking into camera

Harold playing in the snow

Harold jumping around in the snow

Harold ankle deep in snow

Harold getting ready to pounce

Harold playing in snow looking at camera


  1. wow, can’t believe how many pics you have of him. This is great.! All the sighted folks will really enjoy them. How did you get the descriptions so fast, did they send an attachment with description? Very cool! I wish I too, can see them especially the pics of him pouncing,eating the grass and playing in the snow. I can see them in my minds eye and fortunately do remember what cute little yellow labs like him look like as well as snow. Though, there is part of me that misses being able to see, I feel very blessed. If I had not lost my sight I wouldn’t have had 3 wonderful dog guides,Topper,Chanel and Douglas. and of course, Darrell and Friends like you,Keri,Tina , Debbie and many others that have so much enriched my life and you have all colored my world. Love you all Canines and humans.:), Thank you for sharing not just these pics with everybody but also so muchof your experience their at GBD. This is all fantastic! I intend to write a journal in a few years when it will be my time to retire Dougie. Until then, will cherish the years I have left with him. When it is time, I will seriously consider GBD. I have heard so many fabulous things about them and the more I learn about their techniques and approach to training and also their graduate services the more I am leaning in this direction. Hope you had a great Sunday and time off. Take care.,

  2. Look out grass in Jeff’s yard, you’re about to meet your arch enemy! Does he flick his head from side to side violently after he attacks the grass? Trixie does that, sending it flying in every direction. And Herald, get out of the street, you fool! Hahaha!

    Enjoy the rest of your day of…well…rest.

  3. These were some great pics of Harold. Thanks to your friend Brian for doing this. I am in love with your raisers for sharing all these photos on-line. How awesome is that.

    And I am with Carin above. Get out of the street you fool, Harold. Hehehehe!

    Hope you enjoyed your day off.

    Man, I would be pretty bad off in that snow. I freeze when it is 60. LOL!

    It really sounds like you are having a good class experience so far. Or I sure hope so.

    Have a great day today. I loved picture day.

  4. Those are some great pictures of Harold! I love the one where he is doing a flying Superdog pose in the snow. He definitely has personality! Mary :)