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Pictures of Harold

Harold laying down in the grass

Harold attacking the grass

Harold attacking the grass (back side of Harold)

Harold chewing on the grass

Closeup side angle of Harolds face

Closeup of Harold's face from the front

Harold playing in the grass

Harold sitting for one of the puppy-raisers

Harold in the grass looking at the camera

Closeup of Harold sitting

Closeup of Harold's face

Harold playing with puppy-raiser

Harold sitting far away

Harold playing in the street

Harold running through the street

Harold sitting in the grass, downward angle

Harold sitting in the grass

Closeup of Harold looking up

Closeup of Harold's face

Closeup of Harold looking into camera

Harold playing in the snow

Harold jumping around in the snow

Harold ankle deep in snow

Harold getting ready to pounce

Harold playing in snow looking at camera