Day 10 at the Seeing Eye

I am writing this on Wednesday, May 5. I am a bit behind.

Monday, May 3, we got up at the sound of the wake up call and I got ready for the day and took Vincent out. I had cereal for breakfast.

We started the Elm Street route and I expressed more concern about Vincent’s lack of pull. So, Barb started to work with me much more on this both in the morning and the afternoon. I used a harness that was offset to the right and the handle was a bit shorter. Vincent wore his booties in the morning but not in the afternoon. It rained on us in the morning and as we got near the end of the route we heard lots of emergency vehicles screaming by. A transformer blew underground on Miller and boy did that create a big mess. The weather was warm so the rain actually felt kind of nice.

When we got back Barb took Vincent to the vet to have his paws looked at. It turned out that he had a bit of a problem with his left back paw, but nothing serious. Just need to medicate it.

In the afternoon she tied the harness handle to the body of the harness so that it did not give. We had no rain in the afternoon. The pull pretty much remained consistent.

The Elm Street route is much longer and the amount of traffic is much greater along this route.

I got back to the campus and was told that Tom Pender would be taking me out in the morning to work in Madison to see what he could do with Vincent’s pull.

On Monday night Shannon talked to us about dog food and toys. We started to switch Vincent from Imes to Pro Plan (or would on Tuesday morning).

I got to bed at 8:45 or so and slept pretty good.

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