Day 8 at the Seeing Eye

Today is solo day where we have to work the route we have been working out without any instructor involvement.

It was hot in my room over night so I slept on top of the covers and was awakened by the announcement of PARC time. I quickly dressed, fed Vincent and took him out. I came back to my room to focus on reading email, doing some obedience and getting ready for breakfast.

I had cereal for breakfast and got ready to go out on the solo. The trip was uneventful accept for the major jump in temperature. It is 20 degrees warmer here then in Tucson for goodness sake. We got back to the lounge down town and man was I hot!

We then got back to campus after everyone finished and we took our dogs out for PARC again. Right from there we went to walk the leisure path.

Then it was time for lunch. I honestly wasn’t very hungry and just wanted to go lay down and take a nap. I ate quickly and went back to my room. I checked on email and proceeded to lay down and didn’t wake up until PARC time again. Boy, that 3 hour nap sure was nice!

It was then dinner time and we had pizza.

After dinner we had a short meeting on “Going Home”. They showed us a video that I have seen many many times.

I then came back to my room and called into Mushroom FM after PARC time at 8:00. I am now writing this blog post and heading for bed. We get to sleep in in the morning until 6:30. I am happy about that. Sunday we are only having a meeting to find out more about our dogs. I will post the specifics when I get them.

See everyone on day 9.

2 thoughts on “Day 8 at the Seeing Eye”

  1. Warmer than AZ? Surprising. I think it made 80 today. Also surprising their air-conditioning isn’t on yet. People and puppies get hot on the trail all day.

    BTW, your Vincent is the third guide I’ve heard of with that name.

  2. It sounds as though things are going very well for you. I love reading about your adventures in class.

    I have a favor to ask you. Would you please find out what Karen’s dog’s sibs’ names are and let me know? I’m curious because my Seeing Eye dog came from a J litter. I am curious if any of her sibs’ names have been reused. I don’t have a blogger account so can’t leave a comment on Karen’s blog, which is why I’m doing it here. Thanks a bunch.

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