Day 24 or Work Day 1

Just a quick note as I am at work.

Harold and I arrived to the office at about 9:00 this morning and things have been going well.

I took him out for lunch (no, he didn’t eat :)). We did a simple route of about two very long blocks (probably 4 or 5 Gresham blocks) to Jack in the Box. I am not eating there anymore. Their prices have gone through the roof. Well, overall his work was good considering. The issues we had were:

* Approaching the down curb was a bit problematic as we approached the crossing. Having lots of people around probably was a good cause of that.

* Not getting directly to the down curb on the second crossing. This was my fault and was a bit of a surprise as we traveled across the street.

* Running the up curb (no step up). I showed it to him and told him “careful” and his work on the way back was flawless with curb work :).

* His pace was a bit slow, almost walking and I ahead a bit of a time getting him to “Hup Up”. This was mainly on the way back though. It is almost like, “I have been here and it is boring”. Something to mention to Don Frisk if this becomes a pattern.

The rest of the afternoon should be pretty boring as I am back into code land.