Day 24 or Work Day 1

Just a quick note as I am at work. Harold and I arrived to the office at about 9:00 this morning and things have been going well. I took him out for lunch (no, he didn’t eat :)). We did a simple route of about two very long blocks (probably 4 or 5 Gresham blocks) … Read more

Day 21 – Mall Visit, packet review, graduation walk through, Goldstein family confirmation and packing

Friday was going to be a short day as far as routes go. After breakfast we meant in the Visitor’s Center and talked about graduation a bit and then transitioning home with our guides (travel, expectations at home, feeding, relieving, etc). After this we loaded into the busses and went to the mall. Jim was … Read more

Day 20 – Taking trips, Getting security concious, Freelance and buying Smart for our Dogs

We are almost done! Today started with a discussion about taking trips with our guide dogs. All of the basics were covered: feeding, watering, relieving, riding in cars, cruses (they should have asked Marlaina to do that one ), planes and much more. After that we all went to the airport to practice going through … Read more

Day 19, AGS discussion, Clicking through to Caring for your Dog and Mewing as we moved toward Crossing the diamond rough, Exit Interviews and Alumni discussions

We are nearing the end. I got a very nice note from my boss today and I sincerely appreciated that. She is awesome. I actually have two supervisors and Zach is out all week at an Oracle conference. In the morning we got up at the regular time and took the dogs out. I checked … Read more