The rest of day 15 and Super Bowl Day!

The last time I left you we were all preparing to go out on our routes in the afternoon. We all eventually met for pizza or ice cream. We had no problem getting there but getting back was a bit of a challenge. Main and 2ND is a T-intersection and a few of us had a bit of trouble with it. We ended going up a block and reversing our steps but I could have sworn that Jim told me to cross there. Oh well, so much for my memory. Other then that, the trip was fine.

I joined the rest of my classmates at the table for dinner but didn’t eat. I ate enough when we went for pizza. The pizza was so so. We have far better pizza places at home, that is for sure :).

After dinner I groomed Harold. It must have been a lot of fun for him as a puppy or something. He is the only dog who wags his tail throughout the whole experience. That makes for an interesting challenge at times :).

It was time to go hear all about those things that we can buy from GDB. I left when they got into the clothing items. I am going to mainly get equipment items: extra leashes, extra rug, extra tie downs, a collapsible water bowl, a comb, an extra bone for the Harold boy, a Kong (although I may get that at the pet store) and more.

I took Harold out and then started to get ready for bed. I called Keri and found out that Brian wasn’t back from his school event. He didn’t make it home until 11:00 or so. Oh what a fun night. Suffice it to say, I am a bit tired this morning.
Today, Sunday, it is Super Bowl day. We will have Brunch at 10:00 until 12:30 and then a Super Bowl party at 3:00PM at the Visitors Center. They will show the game on a big screen. I will bring my walkman and listen to the commentary of the game on the radio. That really is the best way to hear the game anyway if you want to truly know what is going on.