Day 3 at the Seeing Eye

Today is the big day.

I got up at 5:30 and got ready for the day. It seems that the morning is the time to write blog posts. I went down for breakfast and head a bowl of cereal and then it was off to town.

The trip this morning was to verify findings from the prior Juno walks and to also talk about lifestyle and other factors in the match verification process. The most wonderful thing about the walk was that it wasn’t raining. It was a lovely morning. Barb told me that her opinion hasn’t changed and that “I will be happy”.

I went back into the building and waited to leave. Michelle came down to see us and it was fun seeing her again.

When we got back to campus we had a meeting with Jim and Michelle. Jim is the President of the Seeing Eye. He told us a number of facts about the Seeing Eye, what was new, and a few other things. It was fun listening to him. He is a geek like me so it would be fun to talk tech with him at some point.

Then it was lunch time. I had a ham sandwich and left pretty quickly as I wanted to get back to my room for the big event.

Barb yelled from down the hall at about 1:10 or so and so I proceeded down the hall without my leash like a goone LOL. She sent me back to get it and then I meant Vincent. He is a Yellow Lab Golden Cross and he is very tall. It will be interesting to see if he fits in our very small car . He has a very full coat. The majority of his colors and hair look like a Lab and his tail looks to be like a Golden’s tail. His hair is a bit longer then a Lab but not quite as long as a Golden. I know, quite a hairy situation.

After a few minutes we went out on the leisure path for a walk with Vincent. He did quite well. It will take some getting used to with the way he moves but nothing of great concern.

We went back to our room and he decided to take a nap, so thinking that he knew best I did the same. It was wonderful. I slept for about an hour and a half. It felt wonderful.

By now it was feeding time and park time. He is a typical lab and loves to eat.

Dinner was fun. It took a bit of work getting him under the table but once there he did quite well. He wiggled around a bit but overall he did awesome. For dinner we had pork and potatoes.

After dinner it was grooming time. We had a lecture on this process as we groomed our dogs. After this we were given our gentle leaders and a bone for the dogs.

After this I went down to the nurses office and got some pictures taken of Vincent. I will be posting these in the next day or so. I am waiting on descriptions to insure that all can enjoy them. I then came back and uploaded the files to my home ftp server for Keri and the kids to see them.

I then went down to the nurses office again to help Karen with her phone. It seems she can’t send MMS messages so Darrell will need to add that feature back on her phone.

I then came back and got ready for the next day and went to bed listening to another Star Trek episode on the iPod. It wasn’t long before I was sound asleep. I slept very well considering. Vincent did awesome. He didn’t make a sound. Now, the other dog next door on the other hand LOL. Let’s just say that he was one very very very happy boy. Thump, thump thump throughout the night. I am not sure how his master slept LOL.

Well, today we have two walks with our dogs and then a clicker training event this evening. I am sure there is more but it is unclear as we haven’t been told yet.

See you all on Day 4.

4 thoughts on “Day 3 at the Seeing Eye”

  1. 3:15? Up early, or abed late? LOL!

    Marilyn can’t wait for the pictures!

    Explain, if you would, a little about clicker training. That’s new to me, but then, I haven’t trained for a dog since 1994 and everything’s changed I’m sure.

    Keep up the great work and, of course, the great posts.

  2. Hi Jeff, it sounds as if you and Vincent had a good first night as you both got sleep. How did the student next door sleep with all the bumping the dog was making. I presume it was banging its tail off the floors and walls.

    Looking forward to the next episode and I hope things continue to go well.

  3. Congratulations on your new dog Vincent. I’m a TSE grad, having received a Lab/golden cross in 2007. She’s a female dog named Julia and is an excellent worker. You will love this breed.

  4. Hey. Congrats on the dog. I”ve found that my golden-lab cross Gentry is the best match I’ve had from the Seeing Eye. I love the new stuff you guys have in your rooms. Cool

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