Day 4 at the Seeing Eye

Day 4 is the first full day with our dogs. I got up around 5:00 on Tuesday and proceeded to get ready for the day. We took our dogs out at 5:30 and I cam back to work on my third day blog post as well as catching up on email and tweets. Before breakfast Barb came over and we worked on some obedience with Vincent.

Breakfast was at 7:00 and I had cereal for breakfast. We are now using gentle leaders to bring our dogs down to the dining room.

We then had a meeting on dog handling and dog fears. We had some good laughs during this with some of the audio segments played on the CD player.

We then got ready to go into town. We left around 8:30 or so. I brought my iPod to listen to local Tucson radio stations. Man does that work well.

I was first to go out on the Maple Avenue route. It went quite well. We are still having some issues with running curbs and some pull issues but these will come in time.

I came back to the lounge and listened to the iPod and took a power nap. I was pretty tired. I hadn’t slept well the night before.

We got back at 11:45 or so so we immediately had Park time with the dogs and then went in and gave them water and then it was lunch time. I had a roast beef sandwich with chips.

We then got ready to go into town again. This time we didn’t leave until about 1:45 or so as Barb worked with other students with obedience drills.

We came back about 4:35 and parked our dogs as well as giving them food and water.

It was dinner time at this point. They had a meal which included fish and I really wasn’t in the mood for this so I again had a sandwich. I really wasn’t that hungry honestly.

After dinner we had an introduction to Clicker Training. That was a very fun meeting. After the meeting the instructors came around and had us practice with the clicker. The program is optional but it looks like the majority of students will be participating in it I think.

We then took our dogs out to park for the last time. I then took Vincent down to groom him and came back to the room and crashed after getting ready for the next day. I was pretty tired and I slept like a rock!

Stay tuned for day 5 activities.

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