Day 5 part 1 at the Seeing Eye – South Street and Crossings, oh my!

It is the middle of day five and I have a few minutes so I thought I would update folks about the activities that are happening thus far today:
• I got up about 4:45 and started to work on work related things that I was asked to complete. There is nothing like doing a web assessment at 4:50 in the morning 😊.
• I then got ready for the day and prepared my furry friend’s breakfast and took the pup out to park. We finished rather quickly. This probably was due to the weather, it was sprinkling, or the fact that the puppy saw the food being prepared. Either way, it is all good. I love it when we get out and back in before most of the class arrives.
• I then finished up writing up the blog post for day 4 and then posted it to the blog along with Facebook.
• I went down for breakfast and then returned to the common lounge and talked with classmates for a while until it was time to leave for the training center.
• We are now taking shuttles into town, so this makes it quite nice. In fact, as I write this it is after lunch, and we are the last team to go into town this afternoon. If we finish early, we can take the next available shuttle back to campus. This gives us more time to do personal things before and after routes.
• The morning route went fine. I had to deal with one small distraction issue and one stupid Jeff mistake when performing a crossing but other than that all was almost perfect! I for sure approached our class manager and my instructor to apologize for my mistake. I would rather be the one to own this than them coming to me. It is all about safety here and this was truly about me!
• We then had a small lecture on Clicker Training. The Seeing Eye makes this optional for students. Personally, if it is used properly and not abused or overused then it is a tremendous tool to have in your toolbelt. It truly makes a difference when patterning the dogs to landmarks, doors, light poll buttons, ETC.
• We then had lunch. After lunch I went down and groomed the furry beast!
I will write more later about the rest of the day’s activities.