Day 5 Part 2 at the Seeing Eye – Who nose what will happen that makes sense!

OK, this is actually being written on day 6 in the early evening. I will get to the activities we had on day 6 in the next post.
I forgot to write about an incident that took place in the later part of the morning after we returned from doing our route. A bit of description is in order here for those that have not attended the school before:
• The Seeing Eye building is in the shape of a capital H.
• After you enter the building, you turn right and proceed down the hall toward the offices of many of the trainers and admission staff members.
• The hallway is carpeted and also has tile to mark specific locations that are important.
• Once you reach the tile you can turn right and proceed down the hall to the nurse’s office, or you can turn left and proceed to the main staircase. An elevator is also close by for those that need it. BTW, I am not documenting all aspects of the building.
• After entering through a door to the staircase you can take stairs up or down. Downstairs is the door to the park area, and you can continue downstairs where you can find the laundry area, library, vending machines, gym and other facilities that are in the basement.
• In the case of my story coming up I went ahead up the stairs to the second floor and exited the stairway and traveled down the hall to the right. The woman are to the left.
• The common lounge is on your left if you are traveling right from the staircase.
• The common lounge is a rather large room with kitchen supplies, a machine that makes all kind of coffee and hot chocolate and, a very large fridge (I would not advise keeping things in it as it is public property if you do), an Alexa device is here along with musical instruments, CDs, movies and more.
• I went ahead down the hall to a door which under normal circumstances is closed. We will get to this more in a minute.
• If you open the door here, you can go ahead down the hallway where the rooms are. The rooms are equipped with: your bed, a desk with a NLS player located on it (and a thumb drive in the shape of a bone with all lecture material on it will be on top of it when you arrive), a dresser, two closets, lots of shelving, a fridge, an Alexa in your headboard, power strips are provided on the desk and by the bed and of course your dog crate.
OK, now that you have an image of at least part of the building let’s proceed with the story here. If you looked closely at the title of this blog post, you probably know what is coming up next.
After arriving upstairs, I issued a” Forward, Right” series of commands and we went ahead down the hallway, passing the common lounge. We then started to approach what is normally a closed door. However, the cleaning staff were in and left the door open. My pup walked right through the door and my face, specifically my nose, decided to become what was felt like a permanent fixture of the door frame. I normally don’t comment on these things but boy oh boy did that hurt! I didn’t feel well for a while after that, but all was well after lunch.
OK, let’s continue with day 5’s activities here.
In the afternoon my classmate and I worked the South Street route. It did not rain, and it was quite warm. My dog at least did not walk as quickly and frankly I don’t blame the dog one bit. The dogs do at least the Maple Avenue part of this route around 20 times, so they find it rather lacking as far as a challenge is concerned, so this sometimes shows in their work. Once we got to the South Street part of the route things for sure picked up in pace and pull. We had minimal issues on the route, and we were well prepared for the practice solo run for the South Street route on Saturday morning. For those interested, here are the instructions for the South Street route:
• The Training Center is located on Maple Avenue. halfway between Market and Dehart streets. The specific address is 14 Maple Avenue.
• Starting at the training center, walk down the alley towards Maple Ave. and turn left at the end of the alley. Maple is now on your right.
• Walk 4 blocks, crossing Dehart, Community, and Miller. Keep your toes up on these blocks. The sidewalks are tricky! Miller is a lighted intersection, and it is best to travel when traffic is front to back on your parallel. At the end of block 4, turn left at Madison Street. Walk one block to South Street. (Swiss Chalet Bakery is on this corner)
• Turn left at South Street and walk 4 blocks. Things get very busy along this series of crossings. Market Street is at the end of block 4. You will cross Miller, Community, and Dehart during those 4 blocks. Both Miller and Dehart are lighted intersections.
• Turn left at Market Street (Starbucks is on this corner) and walk one block back to Maple Avenue.
• Turn left at Maple Avenue. Half way down the block is the alley leading to the training center where you started the route.
We went ahead to come back to our rooms and feed and take our dogs out to park. After dinner we had a lecture on the senses. We were then handed out a ball for the dogs. I need to get the spelling of the type of ball that it is, and I will post this for all of you a bit later.
ACB aired the Friends in Art showcase on ACB Media 4 so I listened to this while I prepared for the next day. II went to bed at around 9:30 or so and woke up on Saturday morning around 5:15 or so.
Stay tuned for day 6 after we have our going home lecture. Going home, really? This early? I am heading to this now and will write more when I return. Be back soon!