Day 6 at the Seeing Eye – Solo Practicing Makes for Perfect Traveling!

We are now on day six, almost at the half way point for retrains. Believe it or not, I am already starting to pack things I won’t use for the rest of class. Yes, I am eager to get home!
Today is the day we run through the South Street route one more time before we solo the route.
After breakfast we did a bit more on door behavior work with us taking the lead of opening the door after a knock. Again, the goal here is to ensure that the dog stays at rest and sitting while we answer the door. My little pup is doing well at this!
We all then loaded into a van (shuttles do not run on the weekends) and made our way to the Training Center. We were the last team to go out to practice the route. This time, Greg kept at a distance, and we worked the route. We made sure to stick together with each of us treading off who lead on alternating blocks. I had a number of distractions to contend with, all natural and not planned by the Seeing Eye. Other than that, all things went very well.
We then proceeded to come back and took the dogs out for park, and we then worked the Leasure Path. During this adventure we were given the full breed, weight, height, and identifiable markings of the dog as well. I am not disclosing some of these details for security reasons here. At the end of class I will reveal all of the details on my dog.
We then went down for lunch, and we were moved into the back dining room.
After lunch I made a few phone calls and laid down for what was intending to be a short nap. After 2.5 hours it was time for park. I guess time was catching up for me this week. I feel great now though!
We then went down for dinner and following this we attended the Going Home lecture. As a friend commented on Facebook, I thought this was done during the second Saturday and not the first but what do I know. For those interested, here is the video we watched during the lecture (with audio description of course).
The rest of my day will be to go groom the furry beast and to get ready for solo day! I am hoping we get to go first during the solo so that we have a bit more Sunday to have for ourselves.
See everyone on Sunday!