The Big Reveal

I will get pictures up a bit later. Here are the stats on Chief: Dog Name: Chief Sex: Male Breed: Yellow Lab Goden Cross 3 Height: 23.3 inches Weight: 69 Pounds Puppy Profile Family Composition Chief was raised by an adult couple, husband and wife. Both were the primary raisers. Environment Chief was brought up … Read more

Days 12 and 13 – Wide Crossing, overheads, Mall visit, home packets continued work on recall and relaxing on a Saturday!

On day twelve we had two trips. After breakfast we traveled quite a distance from campus to a terribly busy part of town where they had five lane crossings which also included an island in the middle of the street. We also dealt with extensive overheads and collaborated with the dogs on working through them. … Read more

Days 9, 10 and the first part of day 11 – Clicker, Shopping and to Solo or not to Solo, that was the question!

This brings us to Tuesday, and it was a remarkably interesting day to say the least. We started with the normal park time and breakfast. We proceeded to go out to practice the Elm street route once more on Tuesday morning. The weather was quite nice. All things went quite well on this trip and … Read more