The Big Reveal

I will get pictures up a bit later. Here are the stats on Chief:
Dog Name: Chief
Sex: Male
Breed: Yellow Lab Goden Cross 3
Height: 23.3 inches
Weight: 69 Pounds
Puppy Profile
Family Composition
Chief was raised by an adult couple, husband and wife. Both were the primary raisers.
Chief was brought up in a row home on the outskirts of a city with moderate traffic volume.
Pet Friends
Chief was raised with our male retriever and our cat named Sprinkles. He got along wonderfully with all the pups in our club.
Chief visited restaurants, malls, parks, doctors’ offices, grocery stores, ball games, our library, Walmart, Target, Costco, museums, pet stores and he loved going for rides in the car. He attended all club outings.
Positive Characteristics/Traits
We found Chief to be happy, outgoing, confident, playful, and loyal. We love him and will miss him!
Chief loves balls, bone and anything that squeaks! But be careful, he will unstuff them!
Favorite Memories
We have so many fond memories of our Chief! He is a snuggler and loved to snuggle with our retriever.
How did your puppy let you know it had to go outside?
Chief would sit by the door when he had to go out.