Day 15 –Bussing and Clearance work was for sure not all washed up but coming home is ever so close!

We made it to the last week of class. Things are beginning to wind down and it cannot come soon enough!
I got up a bit earlier than usual and took him out for park and groomed him very early on Monday.
In the morning we ventured out to work on bus work. This went very well, and he is quite a wonderful traveler while on the bus. We worked our way back to the campus and arrived quite early.
I proceeded to start getting organized as far as packing was concerned. More on this a bit later.
I went down for coffee break and talked with a few students and then proceeded to do some laundry. The rest of the class was venturing out to New York, a trip I never have been interested in taking. This gave me some extra time to prep for returning home. I washed clothes and his mat that is inside his crate.
In the afternoon we worked on clearance work as well as more island crossings. We also walked through the park and near a very nice water fountain.
We returned home to campus right about the time for park time. After dinner it was lecture time. Joan gave the retrain students our Going Home lecture. This was almost two hours in length as well. Much of this information I already was aware of, but it was good to get this refresher for our activities once we return home.
After the lecture I proceeded to pack. Yes, I know, I have a few more days left at the Seeing Eye, but I wanted to get as packed as possible. Almost all my clothes are packed along with much of the equipment we received from the Seeing Eye, either by them giving it to us or me buying it. Technology items will be packed probably Thursday morning.
I talked with Keri and found out that we were having a very big storm back home. I am missing all the rain it seems!
On Tuesday we will go work the courthouse. I am taking my dog to the vet on Tuesday afternoon where we will learn a bit more about his history and we will receive all the medications that he requires. As for the second trip, I am unclear on what will be taking place. My guess is something very simple as we do need to be back in time for the vet visit.