Day 14 Part 2 – Tag or Click, your it or better yet, let them eat cake!

In the afternoon on Sunday, we went to the pet store. This was the first time I heard a noise come from my dog. He was quite excited while we were in the pet store.
While at the pet store we bought an ID tag for my dog. The prices of these tags has gone up quite a bit more than I was expecting. I chose one that would allow us to put two lines on one side and three lines on the other side of the tag. So, I put my phone number and name on the first side and our address on the other side of the tag.
After we returned to campus, we took the dogs out and then proceeded downstairs for dinner. BTW, for those that have been at the Seeing Eye before, I am in room 225, in the old wing. We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. I checked in to see what we had for dessert, and it was chocolate. What a coincidence. You see, today is my birthday. So, they brought out a cake, including candles, and everyone sang Happy Birthday. That was nice. There were raspberries in the cake, not my favorite but I loved the chocolate part of the cake most certainly. They gave me a giant piece, so I only ate a bit of it.
After dinner, a legend of guide dog work, Lucas Franck came to speak to us all about clicker. He spoke to us for almost two hours. As usual, he was terrific and offered all kinds of advice in the use of clicker to all of us. He handed out the clicker pouches, clickers and targets for our use. This is something I want to talk with Keri about. While the pouches are good, I think Keri could come up with something more practical and potentially the target could also be improved. I will check into this after I return home on Thursday of this week.
This brings us to the end of day 14. We only have three more working days left and I am quite eager to return home!
As for making announcements about my guide, I am waiting for the Seeing Eye to supply to me the puppy profile data before the post goes up. I apologize for the delay.