Day 14 Part 1 – Exit Interviews, Packing, planning the trip in the afternoon, clicker and more!

Today is Sunday, July 30. We have more class members leaving the school today. We had one leave yesterday and one leave today so the numbers in the class are thinning out a bit. I leave next Thursday August 3rd.
This morning we had exit interviews. I am planning on raising the following points:
• I would like to see the windows in the bathrooms frosted to ensure people from the outside cannot see into what a private space should be. Yes, you can pull down the shades, but this is sometimes not a failsafe method as these get pulled back up at times and if you don’t constantly check, well, you got the picture here. It is a simple thing and one that would cost very little for the school to implement.
• The rooms have an inaccessible thermostat. This should be changed. They put Echo Dot devices in the rooms. There isn’t a reason why some sort of accessible solution shouldn’t be put in place for the thermostats. You shouldn’t have to call your instructor to help you set the silly thing. They have enough work to do with students as is.
• I would like to see more of an emphasis placed on distractions while in class. Yes, they have two or three roaming cats in the hallways, but we need to do more. I am specifically thinking of food distractions.
• I am hoping clicker awareness training is handled earlier in training. I would have liked to use it more while in class to target specific things. We will be having our last clicker training lecture this evening and will be given our clicker kits to be used when we leave the campus. I understand schedules can be difficult here but earlier would be better.
That is about it as far as things I plan on mentioning during my exit interview.
My instructor Greg will be taking a student to the airport this morning so we will work in the afternoon. I asked to be taken to the pet store. We will see if this takes place. I am planning on buying an ID tag for his collar. My name, address and phone number will be placed on the tag. His name, and no, not yet folks as far as his name is concerned, will not be placed on the tag.
I am planning on doing a bit more packing today after I get back from the exit interview.
I will write more about today’s activities a bit later and stay tuned, more details are coming late today!