Days 12 and 13 – Wide Crossing, overheads, Mall visit, home packets continued work on recall and relaxing on a Saturday!

On day twelve we had two trips. After breakfast we traveled quite a distance from campus to a terribly busy part of town where they had five lane crossings which also included an island in the middle of the street. We also dealt with extensive overheads and collaborated with the dogs on working through them. It was a short but especially useful trip.
After lunch we traveled about 30 to 40 minutes from the campus to a mall. It was an exceptionally large mall with glass elevators, glass railings, escalators and much more. The dogs did tremendously well, and we spent about an hour moving about much of the mall. Stairs, ramps, lots, and lots of people are just a few of the things we experienced during our visit.
After dinner we reviewed the content of our going home packets.
After this we went to the free run area to see what our dogs would do as far as recall and play. My dog really was not interested in it very much. Lots of toys were in the area but he did not care for them.
We are continuing to leave the dogs alone in our rooms. I am up to about 15 or 20 minutes at this point and will try for thirty this weekend. The pup was overly excited to see me when I returned. During this 20-minute window I went downstairs and tried out this new massage chair the Seeing Eye has. Parts of it was a very deep massage which I did not care for, but other aspects were wonderful for sure!
This brings us to the end of Friday, which being day twelve.
Day 13 is going to be a lazy day here as far as guide dog work is concerned. I am trying to catch up on email and work-related projects. We did work our way around the leisure path this morning. In the evening we watched Partners in Travel. You can watch the audio described version of Partners in Travel. We also watched Harnessing Freedom. This second video is not audio described sadly.
I am working on the day fourteen post, or at least the special parts of that post. I am still waiting for some of the data that will be added to it but all of you should try to read Sunday’s post. I am unsure when it will get posted but it will be late on Sunday.
See everyone then!