Day 6 at the Seeing Eye

Day 6 began around 5:25. I staid up until about 11:30 the prior evening and man was I feeling it that morning. I fed and gave Vincent water and took him out to park. I came back to my room and in a few minutes did obedience with Vincent and Barb. This is the first day in which we are taking the shuttles into town. I was on first trip and we started the South Street route. This basically is like a rectangle (kind of anyway) route. We start by walking up to Dehart, then Community which is a light. We then move to Madison and then up to James. We turn left to South Street and walk along it back to Dehart. We turn left back to Maple and then cross Dehart back to the lounge. It is definitely more then a mile walk. We had traffic stops to deal with, dog distractions, very narrow sidewalks, flags waving over our heads and more.

I got back to the school at around 9:30 and I just kicked back. I was quite tired. It was soon park time and then I came back and continued to rest up. The week is long here and man was I feeling it.

I went down for lunch and then back out on the route.

I took the 2:45 shuttle back to campus and worked with Lucas Franck on more clicker training with a door knob. We started by having Vincent touch the target with the bell and treated. We continued this until he did it pretty quickly and we slowly moved further back and had him work up to the target. At the end we removed the target and had him bring me to the target. I would touch the target and click and then give him a treat. It worked out well.

I then had to do some work at the office for our Admissions department and then fed and gave Vincent water. I continued the work with the issue at the office. I went to dinner and had a chicken sandwich and went back to finish up my work before the 6:30 meeting with Shannon. We discussed the upcoming weekend schedule as well as on social behaviors with our dogs. We then got Kongs for our dogs. Vincent isn’t to interested in it.

I came back to my room, grabbed a soda from the fridge and began work on testing some Window-Eyes script changes I am working on.

See everybody on Day 7.

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  1. G’day Jeff, How did Vincent handle all the distractions, particularly the pet dogs you encountered, and the overhangs?

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