Day 7 at the Seeing Eye

The day started about 5:30 or so. I took Vincent out to park and came back to write Day 6’s blog post and to read mail and tweets. I then went down for breakfast. As usual I was on the first trip and went with Lee as a pair on the South Street route. Walt (one of the supervisors) drove the silent car and the first traffic check he moved in front of me right by a very large truck. I thought Vincent was afraid of the truck but no it was Walt :). The rest of the route went well including the second traffic check.

I then came back to the school and groomed Vincent.

At 10:50 we took our dogs out again and then went directly to a meeting about “Dog Senses”. This is a lecture that hasn’t changed much but was fascinating. The mp3 player has a much more in-depth lecture on the subject then we heard.

It was then lunch time.

I finished lunch and went back out on the South Street route again. This time it was a semi-solo type route. What this means is that we made all of the decisions on what tasks would be done as far as crossings goes. The trip was uneventful. Only one run curb and an issue with a meter poll. He is doing quite well.

When I got back I decided to do my laundry. I lugged the bag down stairs and got the clothes loaded by 3:30. I had the clothes done just after dinner. I was quite happy about this. I really didn’t want to do it over the weekend.

The rest of the day was very uneventful. We had dinner and then I just kicked back. This week has been very long and tiring. I am looking forward to the weekend.

Steve commented on the blog and wanted an update on the use of GPS on the routes. I haven’t been able to do that. Barb hasn’t wanted me to turn it on on the routes. I was a bit disappointed by this. We will see though about doing it later on during training.

See everybody on day 8.

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  1. Somehow I didn’t think you’d be allowed to mess around with GPS so early in the training. They want you to stay focused (LOL) on the task at hand I guess. I know you’ll get to it. Keep up the great work. Marilyn’s still looking forward to pictures.

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