Day 8 continued

My plan was to groom Harold and then go for a walk. Well, we had to go relieve the dogs at 1:45 or so and then a gang of classmates wanted to do the walkabout right after. So, off we went. After I got back I groomed Harold, brushed his teeth (what a challenge that was ) and then went back to the room to play a good solid game of tug. After doing that I read some email, called Keri and did some other stuff. Then came feeding time and relieving again. Oh, I forgot to mention, it was snowing a lot today as we were outside. Some of it stuck to the dirt but not enough to make a snowball.

You know, it is days like this that I truly miss Keri who is the master of all things laundry not to mention good night hugs and kisses. I spilled some chocolate pudding on my shirt and frantically was trying how to treat it so the stain didn’t set in. It looks like we got it out (I hope) thanks to the nurse and the weekend instructor. Man, it is times like this I feel like a klutz.

After we take Harold out once more I will be getting ready for bed. Even though we have Sunday off we still need to get up at 6:45 and take our dogs out. Well, that is the time we take them out, so I will be up more like 5:30 or so. My roommate is now here so I want to try and beat him to the shower and such things so I am ready for the day.

I will post activities for Sunday late in the day. Keep a smile and those tails wagging for your furry friends.

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  1. I just happened to go to your blog,just to see if maybe you posted more and if there were anymore comments added as well. I have to go to work tomorrow so will not be able to read your blog till tomorrow night or Monday. Its like looking forward to a colomn each day. I wonder if that is what it is like for some who read my KDD’s? My Sister Tara told me that is what it is like and now I understand.:) I was surprised you had an continuation of today’s happenings. Sounds like you had another good day,quite productive. Hey, maybe, you can show me how to brush a dog’s teeth? I really never mastered that one. Each dog I have had likes to bite the brush and or will gag lol . I know what you mean,I Always miss Darrell when I am away especially when I was at the Seeing Eye. Miss the hugs and kisses and definitely the chats. We love to have discussions and debates especially at night. its always nice to have our spouse do things for us when we are home. Things that we are not as good as they are, reminds us at times like this how much we miss and need them. No worries,on spilling the pudding,happens to everybody and your not a clutz. Though, I do get cold very easily I do actually miss the snow. You will have to tell us all what it is like working and playing in snow since your a desert rat.:) lol Have fun and enjoy the snow and the time you have left there. Take care.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    I’m a puppy-raiser in Palo Alto, California, and I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog! I’m really enjoying reading about your time in training. Harold sounds great (as did Declan). I hope things continue to go well!

    -Robin & Brent (puppy #6)

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