Day 10 – Pictures and more pictures and a walk in the park

I got up around 5:30 or so and got ready for the day. I spent some time catching up on email list and work email before I fed and took Harold out. I then listened to some local Tucson radio stations to catch up on local and State news. The Arizona University budget gravely concerns me and I am trying to keep up on that while I am here.

I wasn’t feeling to well but went down and had a very light breakfast. After that we went over to the visitors center and had the class photo taken. They talked with us on our plans for the weekend. On Saturday we will be dropped off where we would like and we can go where ever we want to head to (within reason of course). On Sunday we can go out with some volunteers to do something but we all have to decide what we want to do. So far, I haven’t heard any definitive plans.

We then loaded into the busses after relieving the dogs and off we went to the lounge. We were going to do freelance work. I was in group 2. I had the nurse Belva bandage up my leg before I went out. When she saw it her first word was, “wow”! That scared me a bit.

Group 2 went out at 10:15. Many of us ended up at Jazzy Bagels. We picked the spot and then worked it with very minimal instructor involvement. Accept for two issues I encountered, all went well. One was a pretty severe dog distraction issue on the way there and the other was forgetting that a curb was not available in front of the establishment.

We finished up early and came back to campus. I took it easy and checked my email to see if any work issues came in. I called Keri to check in and all was going OK at home. David was home sick but doing a bit better.

After lunch we did obedience at the Visitor’s center. We did dog distraction work with our dogs. We then talked about dog work and communicating with the public. After this we loaded into the busses, again after relieving the dogs and went to a park. All of the trees in this park blew down into the pond. They had crews chopping them up into firewood sized pieces and loading them into trucks. We had to do some teaching to Harold with right clearances and dog distractions.

We got back quite late. After dinner we did our individual pictures. We will try and get you something to see after we receive our photos as far as how they came out. The Puppy Raising family will also get a picture. I will also get a 4X6 of the picture to take home.

After this I went to see the nurse Mary. She checked my leg and all is looking well. We talked a bit about books we are reading and then talked about blogging. In fact, a comment can be seen by her here on the blog. She posted it just a bit earlier.

On Tuesday we are moving into busier areas of Portland Oregon. In the afternoon we are doing a bus to lounge route. These are the plans as I recall them. We will have a bit of time after lunch on Tuesday due to required meetings for GDB staff members. I suspect I will get some grooming and play time in during that time.

See you on day 11.

3 thoughts on “Day 10 – Pictures and more pictures and a walk in the park”

  1. I love the trips to the park. Sounds like things are progressing just great.

    We are stressing here in California too about the budget. It is getting pretty bad.

    Take care, I’ve enjoyed reading your journal about your training.

    And give a houdy from Mary Beth with Sunset, class 49R. Mary was and still is awesome.

  2. Jeff, I am glad your training is going well, and learned via a blog about your recent loss, I am sorry to hear about it and know how you feel, have been their before. Also, am concerned about your leg, specifically since your on class and how it must be disturbing you. Good luck and will read more, and have a good rest of the class. Lets talk after classs, Stephen Guerra ILA

  3. Saw the comment from your co-worker Cheryl the other day on Mary’s post, she is sounding optimistic about the Budget issues there and thinks your team will be fine and that you will have a full load of work when you return For you all at the University. I hope so. Wish you the best. Try and not too worry, finish your training,concentrate on learning the clicker method and other things there. Work will be there when you get back! :) Take care & have a fantastic day.

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