Days 11 and 12 – Snow, Busses and Trains oh my

Tuesday morning I got up and got ready for the day. After sitting down and starting to read email before taking Harold out my tradition has been to check the weather to see what I was up against today. The news wasn’t good. A winter storm advisory was out for 1 to 2 inches of snow (which turned out to be upgraded to up to 4 inches) and freezing rain and sleet. My first thought was, we aren’t going out in this mess. I fed Harold and attempted to give him water. He doesn’t tend to drink any in the morning. We then proceeded to take our dogs out. Sure enough, snow was on the ground.

After breakfast we took the dogs out and then loaded ourselves into the busses. We didn’t get very far when it was determined that we would stop and go to a department store and work inside today. So, off we went. We sat near a Star Bucks so many got coffee and something to eat. I listened to the radio, made and just hung out waiting for my turn. Jim took me outside to look at the snow. I haven’t seen snow in a long time and man there seemed like a lot of it out there.

Harold did great in the store. Besides just navigating around people and objects we did pick up some items and then proceeded to the check out. I came back to the table and waited to leave. Those on the second bus loaded up and attempted to leave. Guess what? The bus couldn’t leave due to the snow. So, calls to the school where in order and we needed to wait for vans with snow tires to come and get us. So, there we sat. I ordered a coke and just waited. I tried to reach some people at work without much success.

It was decided that we may do a clicker workshop in the afternoon. The staff had a mandatory meeting in the afternoon so things didn’t get started until a bit later. Unfortunately, we didn’t do the clicker workshop but worked on platform discussions and teaching your dog new commands. That pretty much wrapped up Tuesday.

Wednesday’s weather outlook was much better. I stayed here in my room for breakfast and tried to get caught up on the budget issues going on at the State level back in Arizona. It looks very scary.

In the morning we went to a mall again and worked on escalators. Harold had a bit of trouble initially but after a few rides was riding in style :). I reached Kevin at work to check in on an issue which I felt good about. With the huge budget issues going on at work and Keri’s potential surgery my mind has been elsewhere some of the time while I have been here.

After lunch we loaded up in the busses and went out to ride busses and trains, oh my :). The first bus we got on had maintenance issues so we had to get off of the bus and load onto another one. Our goal was to get on the bus at 2:40, but it didn’t happen until 3:15. I was very happy to see that Harold got right under the seat (well, with a bit of coaxing). When we got on the train it certainly didn’t feel like it was going very fast at all but we sure got to our destination pretty quickly.

After getting back it was no more shovel time. It was time for us to pick up after our dogs. This wasn’t a problem but I had heard that the food we are feeding doesn’t generate the nicest things to pick up so we will for sure be changing that when we get home :)

In the evening we had a lecture on returning home with our dogs.

On Thursday we are going into Portland to do more escalator and elevator work.

More soon.