Days 14 and 15 – Revolving around the bank, stepping it up, playing dodge car, going home interviews andd pizza time!

Friday was a day of stairs, revolving doors, elevators and traffic checks. The morning went as normal and we all loaded into the busses for our last trip into Portland. It was very cold Friday morning and I had a bit of trouble keeping my hands warm until we got on the road and the heat worked on the bus. Jim, Crystal and I went out and first worked at City Hall with different types of stairs and then finally an elevator. That all went fine. Harold did a great job as usual.

We then walked down to the bank and went through the revolving door. I hate these things. I avoid them almost at all costs. I am unsure why as I haven’t had any bad experiences with them really, but I just don’t like them.

We then extended our route on the way back to the bus and Harold kept wanting to go toward the right after the up curbs. It is kind of puzzling but we will work on it next week with Sioux.

In the afternoon we bused into the lounge and four of us did traffic check work. We went on a small route and Jim took the Prius and drove like a mad man (not that he doesn’t when he drives the busses :)), just kidding of course, but really in the case of the traffic checks he kind of did. The objective here is to get Harold to react to both moving traffic at somewhat high speed as well as slower speeds. We also worked on cars blocking our path. We must work our dog around the car into the street and back up on the other side. This is done by issuing either left or right commands to move carefully around the car. Harold did awesome!

In the evening we had a surprise short birthday party for one of our classmates. He was shocked and very happy that we did that.

I called Darrell and Karen and talked with them on the Interactive show they were doing and then listened to my wife Keri call into the show. After that it was pretty much bed time. I did spend some time with one other student working with her on her stream but then called it a night.

Today, Saturday, I got up, had breakfast and then waited for my turn for our interviews about going home with our dogs. Harold and I will for sure be graduating and I talked with them about having Don work with me in our big transit centers down town and on the South West side of Tucson. He will call me later next week.

Jim asked me if I had heard anymore from Harold’s puppy raising family. I have gotten a few emails from them but I don’t think they have been given a number to call me yet. I will most likely email them and give them my cell phone number if they wish to call me prior to receiving my room phone number here. I don’t want to intrude though of course :).

After lunch we are planning on going out around 2:00 or so and I am headed for pizza! I can’t wait. A group of us are going to go so I think it will be a good time. I am planning on taking my external GPS receiver and we will see how well it does in finding the POI (point of interest).

This evening I think we are going through what options are available to purchase from the GDB store. This should be quite interesting :).

I will update you later today or on Sunday. Sunday is a day off and the only thing I know of that is going on is the Super Bowl. Go Cardinals! I will be calling Fred and Casey on Sunday to give them some updates on everything going on here as well as Sue (the person who introduced me to Fred and Casey).

OK, more later. Have a good weekend everyone!

BTW, Mary, the nurse is threatening to write an evil post about me on her blog ;). I will cross post it if she does. It is a funny story and if she wishes to share it you will find it both funny and disgusting, but what the heck. I can handle that. All the picking on I did to her the last two weeks, it is the least she can do to get me back :).

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  1. You two accomplished a lot again today. I also, don’t like those revolving doors. Maybe, its because I am somewhat clausterphobic ? or afraid the door will hit me? Perhaps,others feel that way? Its hard to believe you only have one week left at GBD. Those Pooper scooper bags come in real handy. I never had hit someone with a surprise such as that.:) lol.. Well, by now, you have come and gone to the Pizza joint. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and I am sure you all made it back to the lounge just fine. Take care.

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