3 thoughts on “She did it!”

  1. I red Mary’s post,or shall I say, ” poop scoop”? :) ( grin smile ) lol.. your right, disgusting but funny, more humorous. I am sure she was surprised when you hit her accidentlly with” it “. Man, you must have been wicked tired that morning. I know too, you like to give folks crap. the more you like and care about them you shovel it out really good. Some of us can dish it right back at you and do it for the same reasons, tease those we love. :) Nothing says I love you then, a bag of poop in the back ey? lol I understand why, she had to ” stick” it to you. She sounds like a very nice person who has a great sense of humor. If I were into sowing , I would follow her blog. Take care.

  2. LMAO – this is too funny Jeff. You are certainly having some fun adventures there….come home safe and sound.

    Oh, on a work related note – no worries about the state budget…if you read the update – for 1. we won’t know anything certain till the end of the week. One of the things that’s being proposed is the technology white paper go ahead sooner than planned. So roll up your sleeves as we are gonna be busy!!

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